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I provide:
Translation of written English into Spanish
Translation of written Spanish into English

Proofreading services for English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations to verify that the translation content is grammatically and culturally accurate

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Scientific translations form a PhD Biochemist.

Your specialist for translating scientific texts!

As a PhD. scientist I am familiar with the vocabulary and unique set of phrasing used in scientific language. I can extract information from scientific texts by focusing on meaning and language use.
My specialties are Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences translation based on my education background and former industry experience.
I offer a deep understanding of the language of Science and how scientists communicate.

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Pricing & Terms
Translation projects vary in terms of subject area, file type, formatting, length and urgency.
Your text will be assessed (in strict confidence) in regards to the level of difficulty and necessary background research.
To find out the cost of your particular project, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with the best possible quote.
Payments can be made via wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer or TransferWise. Advance payment, in full or in part, is required for new clients. For repeat clients, my payment term is Net 30.

Advice for clients
To receive the most out of your translation budget it is important that you specify the intended readers and purpose of your translation.
The translation guide Getting it Right! can help you identify important steps when planning your translation project.
Some of the tips include:
1.Purpose, is the document intended to be for information only or for publication?
2.Select only the relevant sections to translate
3.Finalize your text before starting the translation
4.Format your documents, surcharge fees apply to non-editable text files
5.The more technical your subject is, the more important it is to look for translators with subject-matter expertise

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I can provide services in other fields such as legal, patent and medical documents.

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